Transformational Dialogues Project

4 year creative dialogue programme designed to:
  • Reach those less willing or able to engage through fear, suspicion or lack of opportunity
  • Challenge thinking on critical peace building issues
  • Develop learning for peace building practitioners & theoreticians
1. Creative Dialogues Toolbox
Building on learning from our previous projects we will develop & deliver a range of user-friendly dialogue techniques designed to attract previously unreachable people & groups.
The toolbox will be developed through a range of cross community & cross border programmes. We will build the capacity of our participants & of peace building practitioners through creative dialogue training workshops, resource materials & manuals.
2. Legacy Research Programme
We will compile, catalogue & summarise over 1 000 dialogues recorded by us between 1997 & the present. This will offer both an unparalleled insight into attitudinal & issue change during a critical period in our history & a successful peace building model at local level whose process, outcomes, impacts & methodology have been documented & evaluated.
1. Creative Dialogues Toolbox
Many people fear, or are suspicious of, dialogue. Our experience of delivering dialogue led to a recent Pilot Project of alternative dialogue methodologies which we will develop into a Creative Dialogues Toolbox. This is a radical revamp of our traditional process as a toolbox of innovative, exciting & accessible alternative & compatible methodologies. We have found that this ‘toolbox’ approach renders our dialogues more immediately appealing & accessible to potential users who are suspicious of dialogue, or who lack confidence in themselves.
The Creative Dialogues Toolbox will include:
  • Oral History, Timelines & Scrapbooking Dialogue
  • Open Table Fellowship & Tree of Life Dialogues
  • Healing Dialogues
  • Creative Writing, Song Writing & Poetry Dialogues
  • Beads, Stones & Talking Sticks Dialogues
  • Cartoons, Graffiti, Murals & Symbolism Dialogues
  • Drama, Human Sculpture &Role Playing Dialogues
  • How to Dialogue Workshops & Resource Materials                                    
 Creative Dialogues Resource Materials
We will support dialogue delivery through Creative Dialogue Resource Materialsincluding:
  • Creative Dialogues Participants & Practitioners Manuals
  • Critical Issues Leaflets containing challenging questions on key peace building issues.
The Creative Dialogues Toolbox Programmes
We will use our Creative Dialogue Toolbox to deliver a varied series of innovative dialogues across all Target Areas, with all Target Groups & on the following themes:
1.1 Creative Dialogues: Remembering & Envisioning Programme
Exploring through dialogue how remembrance & commemoration can contribute to the development of an inclusive vision for our future. We are moving into a decade within which a number of key events in the history of our divided land will be commemorated including the Ulster Covenant etc. It is vital that sufficient opportunity be provided for consideration of how we remember & commemorate contested events in a divided society.
1.2 Creative Dialogues: Rural Dialogues Programme
We will deliver dialogues in the Rural Neighbourhoods Scheme areas &, building on existing work, train Rural Enablers in dialogue & dialogue facilitation to encourage a multiplier effect in our work. This will be additional & complimentary to the Rural Enablers Scheme & will incorporate elements & themes from our other Programmes as appropriate.
1.3 Ethnic & Other Minorities Diversity Programme
Using culturally appropriate methodologies like Talking Sticks & Open Table Fellowship we will organise ethnic & other minority dialogues including wider community engagement.
1.4 Cartoons in Conflict Dialogue Programme
A series of conflict cartoons by internationally renowned artists whose harrowing depictions of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict are powerful dialogue tools. Our pilot of this project in Belfast & Derry produced challenging dialogues which we will build upon across NI.
1.5 Creative Dialogues: Troubled Readings Programme
We will use troubles related readings from publications as a focus for dialogues. We will work in partnership with authors reading excerpts from their books to encourage people, especially the elderly, to share their own stories in a facilitated dialogue process.
1.6 Creative Dialogues Working Group
We will establish a creative dialogue working group incorporating key members of staff, Board, Facilitators Network & key others. They will contribute to the development of the Creative Dialogues Toolbox, the Creative Dialogues Resource Materials & to the delivery of Creative Dialogues Workshops.

2. Legacy Research Programme
From 1997 to the present CD organised over 1 000 dialogue events in which over 10 000 people participated. Our dialogue record offers a unique insight into the issues, experiences, feelings attitudes & needs of diverse people & groups & how these have changed over a critical period in the history of NI. This documentation effectively captures in intimate & personal detail the painful process of conflict transformation in NI.
As part of our Legacy Research Project we will:
  • Centrally compile the original dialogue record 1997 to present
  • Catalogue the original dialogue record 1997 to present
  • Edit the original dialogue record 1997 to present, removing attributable statements
  • Produce a digital archive of the complete edited CD dialogues for public access & to enhance the work of peace building theoreticians & practitioners
  • Produce an analysis of the dialogue record considering attitudinal change &changing dialogue methodology through time