Our timeline


1997-2007 – Embedding Peace

November 6, 1997

We concentrated on the conflict and its legacy, helping embed the peace process and build joint ownership of the conflict and its resolution as well as

2007-2017 – Envisioning A Diverse Future

November 6, 2007

Our engagement broadens, embracing an increasingly pluralistic society in Northern Ireland, where sectarianism overlaps conflicts about racial, ethnic, gender, economic and sexual identity issues. We are

Galvanising the Peace

January 1, 2017

Galvanising the Peace

The Galvanising the Peace Working Group [hyperlink to programme] was established in early 2015 to explore current and future initiatives and outstanding issues affecting community relations and peace

2018-2020 – Deliberative “Consensus Building” Dialogue

November 6, 2018

Reflecting on the lessons of the previous decades, we developed a more focused and deliberative Consensus Building Dialogue [hyperlink to how dialogue works page] methodology. Through