WELCOME TO COMMUNITY DIALOGUE We are a charity dedicated to fostering understanding, trust, and collaboration among diverse groups in Northern Ireland. 

OUR VISION is of a society built on a foundation of meaningful, sustainable relationships where equality, inclusion and social justice are reflected in the lives of all of its people. 

OUR MISSION is to engage civic society in dialogue and training that builds consensus on divisive social issues and builds progress towards a shared, inclusive, participative and sustainable future. 

OUR PROCESS We offer structured dialogues and workshops that are safe spaces in which individuals from different backgrounds can engage in meaningful conversations, share their journeys and explore common ground. 

OUR IMPACT Our skilled facilitators guide discussions that break down barriers, challenge stereotypes and build lasting relationships. By empowering participants to address contentious issues together and work collaboratively towards shared social justice goals, we contribute to a more inclusive, socially cohesive and reconciled society.

GET INVOLVED Please take the time to explore our site and learn more about our mission, vision, activities and impact. If you think you would like to get involved then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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