Since 1997 Community Dialogue has facilitated interactions through dialogue, which have crossed social, political and geographical boundaries in Northern Ireland and beyond.

We often enter into partnerships with other organisations, institutions and individuals, sharing our skills and knowledge and fostering long-term relationships.

Our programmes open up dialogue and unearth the underlying grievances and needs of communities, covering a range of issues, including but not limited to;

Sectarianism, Marginalised Communities, Gender Equality, Climate Change, LBGTQ+ Issues, Disaffected Youth, Our Constitutional Future, Segregated Housing, Education, Brexit, Conflict Legacy, Our Political System, Paramilitarism, Poverty, Ethnic Minorities, Policing, Social Cohesion, Covid-19 Impacts

Our programmes and facilitators often utilise a range of resources and techniques to facilitate the dialogue progress, including art, photography, movement and film.

To explore our past, present and upcoming projects please follow the links below: