Consensus Building Dialogue Programme 2019-2020

“Consensus Building Dialogues – Agreeing a Shared Vision for Our Future”
October 3, 2020
Social Justice Programme
October 3, 2020

Central Good Relations Unit of The Executive Office

Building Capacity to Manage Conflict and Diverse Relationships. Reaching Agreement On Contentious Issues. Building A Shared Vision For Our Future

Our facilitated dialogues build agreement between diverse people on the divisive issues you feel strongly about, issues that stall progress towards a future where we all belong equally, peacefully and in prosperity.

Our confidential process gives you the opportunity to:

•                Be heard, understood and taken seriously.

•                More deeply understand the positions of others.

•                Build skill and capacity to manage conflict and relationships.

•                Reach agreement with others on contentious issues.

•                Agree effective shared responses.

•     Join a growing diverse community who are evolving a shared achievable vision for our future.