The “Blow-in” Project – A Sense of Place

“Visual Voices of Norn Irony: Cartoons and the Conflict in Northern Ireland”
October 3, 2020
“Pride in our Identities”
October 3, 2020

The term “Blow-ins” can describe individuals and communities who were not born in this place originally but came from elsewhere but have now settled here.  If we look around Belfast, we can see the rich tapestry of ‘Blow-ins’ in the city grow. This project is a celebration of the work of the ‘Blow-ins’ as they have diluted the divide and enhanced the peace process within Belfast. It was a partnership project between Community Dialogue and Kelly Morris, who is a Pittsburgh born photographer. Therefore, she herself is a “blow-in”. During her sojourn to the city Kelly cemented a lasting love affair with both Belfast and Northern Ireland. The exhibition was launched at an art gallery in the city centre Belfast.

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