through your lens
‘Through Your Lens’ Multi-Media Exhibition
October 3, 2020
Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland
June 22, 2021
Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland
June 22, 2021
Political Education and Participatory Democracy Pilot Series
October 3, 2020

A schedule of special events, in conjunction with Youth Action Northern Ireland

In December 2020, Community Dialogue and Youth Action hosted an Inter-generational story-telling zoom event: Stigma and Shame – experiences and perspectives on HIV/AIDS from the LGBTQ community through the decades.

This event followed from two-way conversations between different people of different identities and ages, sharing their experiences of growing up in their relevant decade and what life was like from a LGBTQ+ perspective. The events included short insights and stories that touch on shame and stigma but also alluded to hope and tenacity.

Our World Aids Day event tied in with a schedule of activities we facilitated with young people on the week before World Aids Day.

Questions that were posed included:

  • What does WAD conjure for you?
  • How have you encountered shame and stigma from an LGBTQ+ perspective?
  • How have things changed in terms of HIV/AIDS stigma?
  • How did HIV/AIDS impact your community?
  • How can we address stigma?

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