The Practitioner’s Forum

Civic Innovation Programme 2021-2022
June 22, 2021
Political Education & Participative Democracy Workshops 2021-2022
June 22, 2021

Over the past year Community Dialogue has hosted a number of one-off Practitioner Forum events.

Supported by the Northern Ireland Executive’s T:Buc Strategy Through the Central Good Relations Fund, these events provided an opportunity for people involved in community and peace building work to come together to share practice, issues and experiences within their work setting as well as providing opportunities for mutual support.

The need for community service has continued to increase over the past year, not least due to the impacts of Covid-19 and the amassing physical and mental health repercussions. In response, our Practitioner’s Forum has been overwhelmingly welcomed, fostering a safe and open space for grass-roots workers, while strengthening collaboration.

Due to this initial success and demand for further opportunities, Community Dialogue will be galvanizing the forum as a vehicle to both support and advocate for community relations and peacebuilding workers.

The updated and strategically refined Practitioner’s Forums will continue to be supported by Comic Relief and CFNI, as part of Community Dialogues Social Justice Programme 2020-21. The ongoing process will also contribute to Tier 3 of our newly launched Civic Innovation programme.

More information on the structure of the Forum network will be added shortly. To join our mailing list and get involved please contact

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